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Choosing The Fairy Dog mother offers the best of both worlds: while we’re a local small business, we operate under the umbrella of a larger corporation. This affiliation allows us to provide pet owners with the assurance that each of our employees undergoes stringent background checks by the regional police or RCMP, ensuring each pet owner peace of mind. With our full team of experienced dog walkers, there’s no need to fret about coverage when one of us falls ill or takes a holiday—we seamlessly support each other. Moreover, we take privacy seriously, with every employee signing a confidentiality agreement.

Furthermore, our staff members are not just locals but handpicked members of their communities, deeply experienced with dogs. They undergo rigorous training and adhere to mandated safety protocols, prioritizing the safety of every pet in our care. Additionally, we’re a fully insured and government-registered business, dedicated to giving back to the community by actively supporting and fundraising for mental health research. Your choice to work with The Fairy Dogmother supports both your pet’s well-being and the betterment of our community.

Yes, we provide house call services for a variety of pets beyond dogs. Whether you have cats, bunnies, turtles, fish, hamsters, or any other beloved pet, we’re here to ensure their well-being and care while you’re away. Please feel free to reach out to discuss your specific pet care needs, and we’ll be happy to accommodate them.

Please send us an email at or call 877-FDM-WALK (877-336-9255) and we will be happy to set up your complimentary meet and greet.

Our services are available Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with the exception of major weather events.

*There is an additional charge for services on weekends, evenings, provincial, federal or civic holidays.

Choosing our insured dog walking service makes practical sense as we maintain a dedicated team with ample coverage, ensuring uninterrupted care for your pet even when one of our staff members falls ill or goes on vacation.

Scheduling an appointment with us is a straightforward process:

  1. Existing Clients: If you’re already a valued client, simply log into your Pet Pocketbook account and enter your requested appointment details.
  1. New Clients: If you’re new to our services, please reach out to us to set up a complimentary meet and greet. You can do this by sending an email to or by calling us at 877-FDM-WALK (877-336-9255). We’ll be delighted to assist you and create a client file for you on Pet Pocketbook to facilitate future scheduling.

We understand the importance of punctuality and strive to accommodate your scheduling needs effectively. To provide flexibility and ensure your pet’s care, we offer 2-hour service windows during the following time slots:

– 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

– 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

– 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

– 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

While we aim to maintain consistency and run on time, the nature of our business and occasional unforeseen circumstances may prevent us from specifying an exact arrival time for each visit. The designated time windows allow us to schedule efficiently and provide reliable care for your pet. Your understanding is greatly appreciated, and we always do our best to meet your expectations.

Ensuring the security of your home is a top priority for us. To enter your home, we utilize one of the following methods, depending on your preference: 1. Garage Code: If you provide us with a garage code, we’ll use it for access. 2. Lock Box: We can also use a lock box that we provide, where keys are securely stored. 3. Keyless Entry System: If you have a keyless entry system, we’ll use that for entry. Your private information is safeguarded within our password-protected software, and all our staff members have signed confidentiality agreements. This ensures that your home’s security is never compromised, allowing you to have complete confidence in our services.
You won’t have to wonder about your pet’s appointment – it comes with a delightful report card! After each visit, we’ll send you a report card via Pet Pocketbook. It’s packed with all the charming details: potty break confirmation, walk GPS tracking, adorable photos, and any noteworthy observations or heartwarming stories about your furry friend.

Rest assured, we prioritize trustworthiness in our team. To ensure the highest level of security, all our dog walkers undergo an annual police background check conducted by the regional police or RCMP. This stringent vetting process guarantees that every member of our team meets the highest standards of reliability and integrity. Your peace of mind is of utmost importance to us.

Our commitment to your dog’s well-being extends to all weather conditions. Generally, we walk dogs in all types of weather. However, in extreme situations like blizzards that impact road conditions, there may be delays or cancellations for your pet’s safety. In cases of lightning, we prioritize safety and provide a house call to ensure your furry friend receives a potty break and affection during inclement weather. Your pet’s safety and comfort are our top concerns.

Yes, we provide in-home boarding services where your dog(s) will be warmly welcomed into our family; however, this service is exclusively available as a bonus to our valued regular clientele who have a history of walking with us or using our house call services. We’ve found that this approach ensures a smoother transition for dogs while their owners are away, enhancing their comfort and well-being. If you’re interested in boarding with us, we kindly ask that you first become a regular client, allowing us to build a strong and trustworthy relationship with you and your beloved pet.

Yes, for boarding services, we do request a 25% deposit to be paid before drop-off. This deposit helps us secure your reservation and ensures a smooth and worry-free experience for both you and your pet during their stay with us.

Certainly, we have a cancellation and refund policy in place: For Walks and House Calls: We kindly request a 24-hour notice for cancellations or appointment rescheduling. If you cancel before this 24-hour window and have pre-paid a credit will be added to your account. However, cancellations within the 24-hour period of the scheduled appointment will result in a full charge, except in cases of extreme weather. For Boarding: If you need to cancel your pet’s boarding stay, we offer a full refund of your deposit when the cancellation occurs at least 3 days before your pet’s scheduled stay. Your satisfaction with our services is important to us, and we appreciate your understanding of these policies.
No, we do not require a minimum number of walks. You are not obligated to a specific frequency of visits. We accommodate various scheduling preferences, catering to clients who use our services frequently and those who require them less often. Setting up appointments on a recurring basis ensures that you secure your preferred time slots for your convenience. Your flexibility and choice are important to us.

Paying for our services is convenient and flexible, with several options available to suit your preferences. You can opt to send an e-transfer to Alternatively, you have the choice to securely store your credit card or banking information in Pet Pocketbook for automatic processing each Monday (please note that this option carries an additional 5% fee from Pet Pocketbook). For those who prefer cash payments, we still gladly accept this traditional form of payment. Your convenience is our priority.

Payment is straightforward and convenient. Invoices are sent out every Monday morning through Pet Pocketbook, covering the charges for the previous seven days of service. Additionally, prepayment is an option for those who prefer to settle their bills in advance. Your choice of payment method is respected to ensure a hassle-free experience.
We prioritize the safety and well-being of your pets, and that’s why we take pride in our comprehensive insurance coverage provided by Zen Insurance. This commitment to ensuring our clients’ peace of mind sets us apart from others in the industry, by offering this level of protection. Your trust and confidence mean the world to us. The Fairy Dogmother footer-zen-logo-300x53 FAQ

We prioritize safety through a range of protocols:

1. Safe Transport: During pick-up and drop-off, each dog has their own secured seat with a doggy seat belt, ensuring their safety while in transit.

2. Leash and Tether: Dogs are always tethered to the dog walker’s body, providing close supervision and preventing any unexpected incidents.

3. Behavioral Expertise: Our team is trained in dog behaviors, enabling them to recognize signs of stress or discomfort. We’re quick to address and alleviate any issues to ensure the dogs’ well-being.

4. Careful Introductions: When dogs meet new friends, we facilitate careful introductions to ensure positive interactions and minimize stress.

5. First Aid: Our team is equipped with dog first aid training, ready to respond in case of emergencies and provide immediate care if needed.

6. Hydration: We keep a close eye on hydration, offering water to dogs when needed, ensuring they stay comfortable and refreshed.

7. Safe Routes: We plan routes meticulously, prioritizing safety by avoiding areas with high traffic, crowded streets, or potential risks to dogs.

Your pets’ safety and well-being are our top concerns, and these protocols reflect our dedication to providing them with the best possible care.

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